How to Monetize Your YouTube Videos: Best 7 Ways That Work in 2020

YouTube has become the second largest search engine and the second most trafficked website. It reaches more number of 18 to 49-year-olds in a week (during prime time) than any cable network in the world. YouTube’s popularity and earning potential makes it one of the most preferred platforms in the world. Many people even quit their jobs and monetize YouTube videos to earn a living!

YouTube has the potential to generate high earnings, and the top YouTubers earn millions each year. Surely, that makes you want to join their league and get a taste of success. But then the question comes — how to monetize your YouTube channel? How to get monetization on YouTube?
Today, we are going to help you out and tell you how to monetize your YouTube videos. We are going to explore quite a few ways, so buckle up! You can use multiple techniques from our list and build up several streams of earning by monetizing YouTube videos.

1. How to Monetize Your YouTube Videos Using AdSense

Love it or hate it, YouTube is going to include ads in your videos! So, why not take the opportunity to make some money?
YouTubers earn a major portion of their income from ad revenues. That’s not surprising, as people are 84% more likely to focus on mobile YouTube ads than TV ads.

You can choose to become a YouTube Partner and monetize videos to start earning from ads. However, there are certain prerequisites to become a YouTube Partner. You need at least-

●    1,000 subscribers, and
●    4,000 watch hours on your videos

You will have to fulfill both these requirements within the last 12 months. Once you get past those numbers, you will be able to monetize YouTube channel using AdSense.

How to Turn On Monetization on YouTube

The «Monetization» tab in your YouTube Creator Studio helps you set up and make youtube 1000 subscribers

monetization changes. You can also control the ad options for each video separately.

Monetize YouTube videos from Creator Studio Panel

The YouTube Partner program also lets you earn through other ways like live chat, merchandising, and channel memberships.

Can All Videos be Monetized?

YouTube doesn’t allow monetization on some types of content. You won’t be able to run ads on your videos if your content portrays or is related to-

●    Violence
●    Nudity
●    Spreading hatred
●    Drugs and tobacco
●    Controversial issues

Should You Monetize All Videos?

It may not be a good idea to monetize each and every video. Here are some cases where you may not want to monetize videos on YouTube-

●    You don’t want to overload your trailers with ads
●    You want to avoid ads featuring competitor products
●    You are promoting a charity or non-profit cause

How to Turn Off Monetization on YouTube

You can turn off monetization in the same way you enable your channel for monetization. The Creator Studio dashboard lets you turn off monetization for all videos.

You can also access the settings of individual videos and turn off ads.

It’s also possible to host videos on your site and earn some extra income!

2. Monetize YouTube Videos through Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn commissions by recommending products and services. If you are into affiliate marketing, you can include your affiliate links in the video description. When people follow your links to buy something, you get a commission.
Apart from including links in descriptions, you can also speak about the products in your videos.

Some special types of videos are great for affiliate marketing. You can create videos on-

●    Product reviews
●    Product or software walkthroughs
●    Helpful tips and tricks
●    Tutorials
●    Product guides

If you have a blog, you can use YouTube videos to complement your posts. Just embed a video on the same lines in your blog posts for more traffic to your YouTube channel.

While you go about your YouTube monetization, don’t bombard your videos with affiliate links without consideration. Use the videos and descriptions in the same approach you adopt in your blog posts.

3. Monetize Videos by Becoming Brand Ambassadors

Monetize videos by promoting brands

How to monetize a YouTube channel if you have a lot of subscribers?

First, let us congratulate you! Getting subscribers is not easy, but if you have enough people on your list, you have a head off. You are also more likely to have some influence on your viewers and they may also trust you.

In such scenarios, you can become a brand ambassador and earn for promoting products. Companies and brands will be after you and pay you handsomely for mentioning their names. This is a popular way to monetize YouTube video and enjoy the profits of your popularity!

Of course, you should promote brands you trust and products that you believe in. Otherwise, you may lose credibility with your viewers! And we guess you don’t want that to happen when your aim is how to monetize YouTube channel.

4. How to Monetize My YouTube Channel by Becoming Amazon Influencer

Monetize YouTube Videos through Amazon Influencer

If you are searching how to monetize videos, becoming an Amazon influencer may fit your bill. The Amazon Influencer program allows social media influencers to earn money by recommending Amazon programs.

Once you become an Amazon influencer, you can create a page on Amazon with products you want to promote. Then you can just paste the personalized links in your videos or video descriptions. If someone buys a product using your link Amazon, forwards your portion of commissions. You can usually expect commissions of around 8% to 10% from each product.

You can also promote your product recommendation using emails. This feature is not offered to regular Amazon Associates.

However, not everyone will be able to monetize on YouTube using this method. You have to first apply and get approved by Amazon as in influencer. Amazon will look into several factors like-

●    Your social media profile
●    Number of followers or subscribers
●    Level of engagement
●    Level of influence

If you do qualify, this is an easy way to monetize videos YouTube.

5. How To Monetize Your YouTube Account through Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is a great way to monetize video YouTube. You must have seen several people taking to crowdfunding platforms to raise money for projects and startups. Now, you can do the same for YouTube channels.

So, how to monetize videos on YouTube using crowdfunding?

YouTube User Sponsorship

YouTube allows gaming and some other channels to get paid for live streaming of gaming events. Viewers can choose to pay around $5 a month and sponsor their favorite gaming channels directly on YouTube.

Your audience will be able to see a «Sponsor» button on your gaming channel. When they send you money, a special badge will appear beside their names in the comments.

You can get 70% of the sponsorship after the deduction of local taxes.

Monetize YouTube videos by user sponsorship

Use Third-Party Subscription Services

You can also use third-party services that let you sell content on a subscription basis. Your followers can pay a monthly fee to get access to exclusive videos, deals, or other incentives. However, you won’t be able to monetize your videos directly on YouTube.

6. YouTube Monetize Videos: Sell Your Own Stuff

Many eCommerce retailers run their own YouTube channels to sell their products. You can also follow suit and sell your merchandise through your YouTube channel and videos.

People sell all kinds of stuff on YouTube. You can sell mugs, t-shirts, gift items, courses, software, home accessories, and anything you please! The approach you adopt to sell affiliate products on YouTube can help you sell your own products.

You can first build credibility by creating videos that provide value and solve your viewer’s problems. Then you can start recommending products that help them solve their pain points.

To sell your products on YouTube keep the following considerations in mind-

●    Find a niche
●    Sell products that resonate with your audience
●    Don’t make boring videos that are too salesy
●    Include your product or store link in video and channel descriptions

Disclose Your Intentions

If you sell products on YouTube, you need to disclose your intentions. YouTube disclosure requirements mandate you make specific declarations if you are selling products or promoting affiliate links.

Otherwise, you may be acting against the rules of YouTube!

7. How to Monetize Your Videos with YouTube Red Subscribers

Monetize YouTube with YouTube Red

YouTube Red users can enjoy an ad-free experience by paying $9.99. You can monetize your videos and earn revenues from YouTube Red users based on the time they spend on your videos. This way, you can earn up to 55% revenues.

Invest in YouTube SEO

We have told you how to get YouTube videos monetized to earn more income. But to earn from your videos, you have to make them discoverable. That’s why it’s important to optimize your YouTube channel and videos with keywords and other elements to get more views and top rankings in search results.

Here are the top considerations for YouTube SEO-

YouTube SEO infographic

Keyword Research

You can use Google and YouTube search bar to discover top keywords for your niche. Tools like Google Keyword Planner are also useful for discovering the keywords you should target.

Include Keywords in Descriptions, Tags, and Titles

After you discover keywords, include them naturally in your channel and video descriptions. Also, use the keywords in video titles and tags for more discoverability.

Create Great Videos

Make an effort to create videos that your audience will like to watch. Your ranking on YouTube depends on the time people spend on your videos, so this is an important metric.

Optimize Thumbnails

You should use high-quality and interesting images or stills from your video as the thumbnail. You can also create your custom thumbnail by including-

●    Your brand, logo, and other visuals
●    Parts of the video title
●    Graphics and emoticons
●    Using bright and contrasting colors

You can take help of the infographic below to create appealing thumbnails-

Create great thumbnails to complement your YouTube monetization

Take Advantage of Captions

Video captions on YouTube are great to follow a video. Interestingly, they can also help YouTube better understand the content of your videos. So, include your keywords in your captions and also speak them out in your script or narration.

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